So, You’re Not a Gym Person. Now What?

Fitness has many faces, so if you don’t like going to the gym, no biggie. There are plenty of other things you can do–swimming, dancing, hiking, yoga, Zumba, stairs, running outside, interval training in the park– to get and stay in shape.

Here are 6 benefits of skipping the gym if it’s not your thing:

  1. Enjoy your workout. Life is too short to do something you don’t genuinely love. Picking a favorite activity means you’ll look forward to it, set aside time for it, stay motivated and do it regularly over time–all important ingredients for forming healthy habits!
  2. Reconnect with nature. Studies show that breathing fresh air and feeling the Earth under our feet can go a long way towards boosting our feel-good hormones. Do some yoga poses outside, take a long walk or run or use the equipment at your local park for bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, while mixing in some push-ups, squats, sit-ups and sprints. You could also sign up for a kick ball, tennis, soccer, rowing, basketball or softball team. 
  3. Save money. Gym memberships aren’t cheap, and aren’t worth the investment if you never go. Instead, take that money and buy a good pair of running or hiking shoes, package of yoga or dance classes or a jump rope and light set of weights you can use at home. 
  4. See the big picture. Exercise alone doesn’t make you healthy. You need the whole enchilada of movement, nutrition and well-being to make a positive, lasting difference. If weight loss is your goal, remember that a healthy diet is a huge part (70% or more) of achieving success.
  5.  Get more vitamin D. Seasonal depression and vitamin D deficiency are very real and common phenomenons and outdoor training can seriously up your levels of the sunshine vitamin. Aside from mood support, vitamin D also plays a huge role in immune system health and bone strength.
  6. Say bye-bye to boredom. Frequently challenging your body in new ways can help you get stronger, leaner and keep up your momentum to meet your goals. Not going to a gym every day gives you the freedom to switch up your routine, try new things, change your environment and include your friends and family.

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