Healthy Habit Heroes: Steve’s Story

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories, in their own words, about their experiences with Yes Health

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When an email arrived in Steve’s inbox from Yes Health, he thought it could be a good way to help him lose weight. He wound up on a health journey that changed his relationship with food in ways he never expected.

My first morning on the Yes Health program, I poured myself a bowl of Raisin Bran with 1% milk and a glass of OJ and took a photo. Starting off with a nice green meal was going to be easy. Surprise! It came back red with coach tips on how to improve it.

I’m an engineer and always want to know the “why.” So I pushed back. With the coaches help, I began to understand the reasons cereal and juice isn’t the healthiest breakfast–mostly because it’s too carb heavy and doesn’t have enough protein. 

Historically, I’ve tried to eat well by avoiding too much fat, but I know I’ve been lacking in fruits and vegetables because, generally speaking, I hate them. Any guesses what color my first lunch was? (Hint: it doesn’t rhyme with bean.)

Right from the start, I realized this program was different from other “Let’s Get Healthy” ones health insurers offer. Yes Health is helping me reset the way I eat for life, not just for the next 16 weeks. The first big change for me was the accountability. Knowing I was reporting my eating habits to a team of coaches helped me cut out a significant chunk of junk food.

My son asked me if I thought the coaches were real people or bots— an interesting question in this age of Artificial Intelligence. After two weeks, I was certain I was talking with real people. There’s a human aspect that Siri, Cortana or Alexa just can’t match.

The coaches have been wonderful about helping me eat healthier with constant tips and encouragement. They’re what make this program so good—even fun. For my mom’s birthday, we took her out for pizza. When I posted that meal, I began the description with, “Get out your red pens”—there was cake too. (The coaches have a good sense of humor.)

When I tell other people about the program, I say it’s like having a whole team of nutritionists and fitness experts working for you. One friend asked which I count, calories or carbs?  I don’t count anything. I just make wise choices about what I eat.

I’m now nearing the end of the core program and have totally transformed how I eat. I don’t hate all veggies anymore. The coaches gave me a few recipes and I’ve played with grilling green pepper, zucchini and squash a few different ways. I now have a fruit or vegetable with almost every meal. My mom can’t believe her eyes. She remembers the kid who would take an hour to eat a very (very) small salad with dinner and then spit it out when she wasn’t looking. (Turns out, she knew about that.)

I’m closing in on dropping 30 pounds in four months. It felt great when someone noticed and said, “Dude, you’ve lost weight!” I’ve had to tighten my belt three notches so far. But this program has gone way beyond my expectations of helping me lose weight. 

Now, most weeks, I go grocery shopping with my whole family and we pick out enough fruits and veggies to cover each meal. My son told me he likes that we’re eating healthier. That was nice to hear.  Together, we’re learning how to eat in a whole new way.






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