A Scalable Solution To A Growing Challenge

Organizational health needs continue to outpace the limited support most prevention programs provide

6 in 10

Americans will be impacted by chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease‚ highly correlated with unhealthy BMIs

< 50 %

Despite this urgent need, fewer than half will enroll in, and complete, a CDC-approved prevention program

Traditional, one-on-one coaching programs are too inflexible for busy schedules and too costly to scale to all who could benefit

Those relying on AI-chatbots lack the crucial human connections and creativity to keep employees and members coming back

Surround Members With Support Throughout The Day

Only Yes Health places members at the center of a web of credentialed, cross-functional experts. They love what they do and it shows!

Diet & Nutrition
Behavior change
Emotional health

Our collaborative, team-based approach helps members feel more supported and committed to setting and reaching ambitious goals

The Right Balance Of Team And Technology

MealSmart AI makes getting on-demand nutritional feedback as fun and easy as snapping a picture

CoachSmart CRM flags member interactions to the appropriate coach to personalize feedback and encouragement

At-a-glance confirmations of meal logging and scoring. Full wireless connectivity with digital scale and activity tracker

On-demand expertise thanks to greater human coaching coverage augmented by AI

Exceptional Success

This team-based “multiplier effect” amplifies teachable moments, broadens access to specialized knowledge, and fosters deeper human connection and commitment

Diabetes Prevention
Program (DPP)

Fully Recognized by the CDC, proven to help members reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by 57%

Weight Loss

A comprehensive nutrition and wellness program for those seeking to get active and lose unwanted pounds

Concierge Health Coaching

Take advantage of our cross-functional experts to achieve whatever health goal members prioritize most

See The Difference We’ll Make Together

On-demand human coaching

More interactions than appointment-based programs

Higher program completion

Far exceeding AMA-reported industry averages

Greater weight loss*

Reduction in total body weight, on average

Exceptional ROI

Depending on baseline member characteristics

*20% higher than CDC requirements for effective diabetes prevention

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