A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

How Mindful Eating Can Lead to Weight Loss

Did you know that when it comes to eating, how is nearly as important as what? Mindful eating means paying attention to the way food affects your senses (sight, taste, smell, texture), how it makes you feel physically and emotionally and any thoughts that arise. It’s all about being aware in the present moment as […]

9 Reasons to Spend More Time in Nature

Ever notice how a walk in the woods gives you a natural “high?” (Forest bathing is a real thing, people!) It’s no accident that connecting with nature helps makes us healthier, happier humans. We realize that not everyone has hiking trails in their backyard, but even if you live in a hyper-urban environment and can’t […]

5 Ways to Break an Unhealthy Habit

It’s March, people! This means we’re about to gain a whole glorious hour of daylight. (Hooray!) With this season-switching signal comes the desire to do some serious spring cleaning–including ditching beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us. So, the question is, what’s the best way to break an unhealthy habit? While there isn’t a […]

12 Ways to Find Time for Yourself (When You’re Crazy Busy)

Making yourself a priority when you’re feeling overloaded may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes it’s the very best thing you can do. It can actually lower stress and increase productivity and focus (plus, help you be a better, happier human in general) during the rest of your day and week. For a little inspiration, here are a […]

Meet the Yes Health Coaches

Yes Health knows that getting and staying healthy is easier (and a lot more fun) with a partner. Our coaches are experienced and trusted nutritionists, registered dietitians and fitness trainers who are passionate about stopping diabetes. They work one-on-one with our members to help them develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. We are proud to introduce you to some […]

14 Healthy Ways to Handle Stress

No matter how good things may be going, life can still be stressful. So what’s the best way to deal with feeling frazzled? If you’re in need of a few healthy ideas, here are 14 supercharged stress relievers, courtesy of our coaches: Eat calming foods –  Up your intake of dark, leafy greens (which are […]

More Ways to Give Thanks (It’s Good for Your Health!)

This time of year, we hear the word “gratitude” a lot. But what does it really mean to make feeling thankful a part of our daily lives, and why is it important to our health?  People who regularly give thanks for what they have (rather than focusing on the things they don’t) report a greater sense of satisfaction and a […]

Stressed Out? It Could Be Affecting Your Workouts

Exercising after a long day can be a great way to blow off steam and clear your head. But starting a high-intensity workout when you’re feeling super stressed can actually undermine your efforts. A study in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that mental fatigue negatively affects physical performance. Because your cognition and […]

Clean Up Your Sleep Habits for Better Zzzs

Sleep was so simple when we were kids. Remember? Falling into a deep slumber was as easy as flipping a switch. But as adults, lots of things can get in the way of feeling well-rested. A good night’s sleep has been linked to better overall health, including a more robust immune system, clearer thinking and decision-making, faster recall and learning, […]

Spring Clean Your Life to Make Room for New, Healthy Habits

‘Tis the season to get rid of what no longer serves you to create more space for the things that do. Refocusing your attention on trying new-to-you healthy foods and fitting in more time for exercise and stillness (and big gulps of fresh air) can lead to better overall health and well-being. Ready to kick off some small-but-important changes you […]