A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

How Elizabeth Beat Diabetes With a Partner

When Elizabeth was diagnosed with prediabetes last year, she knew she needed to take action—and that she’d need the right guidance and support along the way. “Diabetes isn’t something you want to take lightly,” she says.  According to the CDC, combining weight loss with regular physical activity (of at least 150 minutes each week) can reduce your risk […]

Meet Agatha, Our Lead Health Coach

Agatha, our tech-loving healthy lifestyle guru, leads the team of Yes Health coaches—highly qualified nutritionists, registered dietitians and fitness trainers. Together, they cheer on our members to meet health goals they might not have thought possible on their own. Recently, we sat down with Agatha to learn what she likes most about being a coach and where she gets her […]

Our Founder’s Story: How Yes Health Got its Start

Dear Readers, I wanted to share with you the very personal beginnings of Yes Health and why we started the company. When my father died in 2000 from type 2 diabetes-related complications, it was the most painful, life altering moment I had ever experienced. Seeing him suffer from diabetes deeply affected me and also made […]