A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

Sweet Potato Nachos

Original recipe by Coach Sara A. Coach Sara A.’s tip: If you love nachos, you have to try these sweet potato nachos for a healthier alternative! Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbs, fiber, and loaded with vitamin A. They are rich in beta-carotene (which is converted to vitamin A) and anthocyanins, which are antioxidants […]

Shakshuka Recipe

Ingredients:  1 red bell pepper 1 large onion 1-4 large tomatoes 3-4 garlic cloves, chopped/crushed  4 eggs  2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil  1 Tbsp tomato paste Salt and pepper to taste Coach Susan’s tip: To maximize garlic’s health benefits, chop or crush the garlic and allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes […]

Healthy Comfort Food Hacks

It’s natural to be drawn to comfort foods. They are, well…comforting after all. They provide soothing, stimulating serotonin in the brain that relaxes us. And in these uncertain times when a lot of us are feeling off balance, reaching for the warmth of nostalgia in the form of carbs, fat, sugar and salt feels like […]

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Original recipe by Coach Miriam Coach tip: Spaghetti Squash makes a nutrient dense main or side dish that can be super delicious too! Prepped as a casserole this dish is warming. Pesto and tomato make it festive in color as well. It can be served as a main dish or paired with lean protein as […]

10 Healthy Sweet-Tooth Savers

  Most of us (if we’re being honest) have some kind of sweet tooth. And (if we’re being even more honest) most of us have also made New Year’s resolutions to make healthier choices in 2020. This list of favorite healthy sweets from some of the Yes Health coaches means we can happily stay true […]

Healthy Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Original recipe by Health Coach Sara A.  Coach Sara A’s tips:  What’s the difference between cocoa powder and cacao?  Cocoa powder is more common and has less nutritional value than cacao. It’s readily available at the grocery store and used in brownies, cakes, and other baked goods. You can purchase it sweetened or unsweetened, so […]

10 Tips for Making Your Holiday Meal Game Plan

Considering the time of year, we’ll bet you have a holiday dinner (or four) with friends and family coming up. The Yes Health coaches are here with their 10 best tips to help you fully enjoy yourself without feeling overly full or undoing your new, healthier habits.  “Don’t wait until the big meal to eat,” […]

Three Bean Chicken Slow Cooker Chili

Original recipe by Coach Anne Coach Anne’s tip: The beauty of a slow cooker is the hands off cooking! The chili cooks either while you’re sleeping, or while you’re working! This recipe works great to clean out the produce drawer in your refrigerator and lean on pantry staples. Mix any beans you have on hand, […]