A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

Why Do We Eat When We’re Not Hungry?

We’ve all done it—made room for dessert when we’re already full or mindlessly polished off an entire pizza in one sitting. Sometimes we eat to fill emotional needs instead of our stomachs. Unfortunately, literally swallowing our anger or sadness often makes us feel worse instead of better. Using food as an occasional reward—our favorite cookie or frozen […]

How to Survive Sugar Season

Boo!  It’s Halloween and so it begins… the Season of Sugar. From now through January 1, it’s pretty much all sugar all the time–at home, in the office and pretty much everywhere we turn. So, the question is, how do we survive without losing all the healthy momentum we’ve gained?  Yes Health is here to help. But […]

Green, Yellow, Red: Food Journaling Made Easy

Food journaling has long been shown to be a helpful tool in weight loss. Keeping a food journal can teach you some interesting things about what, when, why and how you eat. Not only do you start to see your patterns more clearly, you also notice what you eat (and why) when you aren’t hungry, how your eating habits […]

Welcome to the Yes Health Blog

If diabetes runs in your family or if you think you might be at risk, Yes Health is here to help. Our goal is to stop the progression of diabetes one person at a time by encouraging people everywhere to adopt healthier eating and exercise habits that last a lifetime. Luckily, with some healthy changes, prediabetes can […]