A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

10 Fun Food Tips From the Yes Health Coaches

Are you in a food rut? You’re not alone. Hard as we may try to keep meals fresh and exciting, sometimes it’s just easier to go with what we know. Because a varied diet is an important part of a healthy diet, the Yes Health coaches are sharing their top 10 tips to help all of us mix things […]

Food for Thought: All Carbs Are Not Created Equal

Carbohydrates sometimes get a bad rap. But the truth is, they’re an important part of a healthy diet and have heaps of benefits. At Yes Health we’re not into labeling food as “good” or “bad.” But we will say, all carbs are definitely not created equal.  Here’s a quick carb crib sheet to tell you what you need to know. Simple […]

Food for Thought: The Skinny on Fats

It might sound counterintuitive, but eating fat can help us maintain a healthy weight. It can also be good for our heart (and hair, nails, skin and so many other organs). The most important thing is knowing what kinds of fats to choose. During the fat-free craze that began in the 1980s, a lot of people […]

Food for Thought: Fun Facts About Fiber

Fiber might not seem like the sexiest of subjects (especially if MetaMUCIL commercials come to mind), but it’s a crucial part of a healthy diet. Fiber helps us stabilize our blood sugar levels, manage our weight (by helping us feel full after meals) and keep our colons happy.  What is fiber? Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are all […]