A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

Work From Home Exercises to Sneak in at Your Desk

No time for the gym? These quick and easy desk exercises will help you keep up your fitness, even on the busiest of work days. Work from home exercises for your upper body Desk Push ups Stand up and take a few steps back. Place your hands on the desk a little more than shoulder […]

At Home Fitness Equipment for your New Year’s Goals

We’re a week into the New Year, and many of us have our goals and intentions in gear. However if your new year’s goal is to get in shape, and your local gyms are still shut down, you might be a little discouraged from getting started.  But don’t let that stall your progress. One great […]

Yes Health’s Wellness Gift Guide

Let’s face it. 2020 has been draining for all of us. So what better gift to give this season than the gift of wellness? To help restore balance, we’ve broken down this year’s gift guide by the 3 pillars of health: nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing.  And whether these gifts are for your own self-care, or […]

Thanksgiving Workouts (that aren’t the Turkey Trot)

Oh Thanksgiving. It’s the biggest feast of the year, where there’s no shortage of all our favorite foods: mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, dessert pies, and not to mention, all the wine and holiday cocktails.  To keep your holiday a little healthier, we created a coach-approved Thanksgiving Guide full of crowd-pleasing recipes. And of course, […]

Halloween Inspired Workouts to Get You in the Spooky Spirit

Happy Halloween all you ghouls, cats, and kittens! Whether your holiday plan is to marathon scary movies, go trick-or-treating, or attend Covid-approved gatherings, let’s start off your day with a Halloween-inspired workout to get you in the spooky spirit. Benefits of a Halloween Workout: Boosts your metabolism and burns calories all day long, meaning you […]

Good at Home Workouts for When It’s Too Hot Out

During these hot summer days, it’s less enticing to be outdoors, let alone workout. But don’t let that derail your fitness routine if you’re used to being active in the sun. Working out indoors can be just as effective and safer in times of extreme heat waves.  If you don’t have access to a gym, […]

5 Restorative Yoga Poses for Relaxation

In its simplest form, yoga is a tool to help us control our breath. Breathing more slowly and deeply instantly helps to relax our minds and bodies and gives us an energy a boost. It’s no wonder yoga is known as a powerful antidote to stress.  These five restorative poses are for beginners and experienced […]

9 Reasons to Stretch Daily

There’s nothing like a good stretch to wake us up and give us more energy (and flexibility). The urge to stand up and reach our arms wayyy overhead when we’re feeling tired is almost automatic. The question is, why don’t we do the whole stretching thing more often? The coaches are here to help motivate […]

39 Ways to Add More Movement to Your Life

We all know it’s good to move our bodies, but it’s super easy for life get in the way. Not a gym person? Traveling? Tight on time? On a budget? Bored with your usual exercise routine? No problem. Happily, there are plenty of fun (or at least satisfying) things you can do to burn some […]