A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

6 Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Christmastime is here! All of the gathering, remembering and impending New Year’s arrival comes with a mixed bag of emotions for most people—even on the best of days. Welcome to the thick of it. (Deep breath.) This week is the perfect time to schedule some self care and focus on all that’s positive in your life. A little gratitude and wonder […]

7 Ways To Celebrate Spring

A lot of us at Yes Health have been dragging this week. It’s surprising what a difference “springing forward” an hour can make! There are, of course, plenty of upsides to having more daylight. Here are seven healthy ways you can ring in the arrival of spring: 1.  Make time for “productive fitness:” Instead of heading to the gym before […]

Mix Up Your Winter Workouts

The weather outside is (getting) frightful. And while, yes, the fire inside is warm and delightful, exercise—especially the fresh-air kind—is still the best thing going to stay healthy and beat those winter blues. It’s easy to stay stuck to the sofa during these colder, darker days, which is why we’re here to help keep you motivated […]

Breathe Your Way to Better Health

When we think about our health, we often focus on nutrition and fitness. These are important, of course, but there’s a third crucial component that can be easily overlooked: our well-being. This includes anything that makes us feel good, calm and at peace with the world. And it all begins with our breath. Taking a few […]