A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

Skipping Your Workouts? 10 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

Welcome back to our “Ask the Coaches” series, where we feature questions from Yes Health members answered by our expert coaching team.  Here’s one about exercise that we get asked a lot and can all relate to. Q: It’s so easy to skip my workouts. How can I stay on track? A: It happens to everyone. We […]

Inspiration for Healthy Cooking at Home

Studies tell us that home cooked meals are a main ingredient in a healthy diet. People who frequently cook their own food consume fewer calories, carbs, sugar and fat (even if they aren’t trying to lose weight) than those who cook less and eat out more, according to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research.  This […]

Don’t love veggies? Want to eat more of them? Read on.

Welcome to the first installment of our new “Ask the Coaches” series, where we feature questions from Yes Health subscribers answered by our expert coaching team. With summer farmer’s markets bursting at the seams and a flurry of recent articles touting the health benefits of eating more veggies, we thought this was the perfect place to start. Q. […]

8 Healthy Ways to Sate Your Sweet Tooth

Summer is in the air—and with it comes BBQs, picnics and, if you have a sweet tooth, drippy ice cream cones! A little sugary treat now and then is okay. (The Yes Health coaches generally encourage moderation across the board.) Sugar gives us an instant energy boost, but what goes up must come (crashing) down. Ultimately, consuming lots […]

Dining Out? Here Are 9 Ways To Keep It Healthy

Going out for a meal can sometimes feel like an all-or-nothing proposition: we either overeat unhealthy foods and feel guilty afterwards or we miss out on all the fun. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. Eating at restaurants and cafes can be enjoyable AND healthy with these nine tips from the Yes Health coaches: Be prepared. It’s way too easy to load […]

Breathe Your Way to a Better Workout

Do you ever feel like you can’t catch your breath during a run? Or do you get tired sooner and more easily than you’d like in your spin class? If so, you might want to take a closer look at your breath.  Most of the time our breathing is automatic. But when we exercise, our brain tracks the […]

Food for Thought: All Carbs Are Not Created Equal

Carbohydrates sometimes get a bad rap. But the truth is, they’re an important part of a healthy diet and have heaps of benefits. At Yes Health we’re not into labeling food as “good” or “bad.” But we will say, all carbs are definitely not created equal.  Here’s a quick carb crib sheet to tell you what you need to know. Simple […]

Rainy Day Workout Inspiration

Depending on where you live and your personal relationship with precipitation, rain may be a welcome friend you don’t see often enough (like here in too-sunny California) or a tiresome guest that’s hung around a few weeks too long (hello Pacific Northwest). To help motivate us to get outside and break a sweat no matter what the clouds have in […]

Coach Kate Debuts New “Exercise of the Week” Videos

Our fitness guru Coach Kate wanted a more dynamic way to introduce Yes Health members to new exercises. Writing lengthy descriptions seemed to strip them of their fun (boring!) and still left people with questions about proper form and how to make safe modifications. It also limited her to using only more basic exercises that could be easily adapted […]

How Elizabeth Beat Diabetes With a Partner

When Elizabeth was diagnosed with prediabetes last year, she knew she needed to take action—and that she’d need the right guidance and support along the way. “Diabetes isn’t something you want to take lightly,” she says.  According to the CDC, combining weight loss with regular physical activity (of at least 150 minutes each week) can reduce your risk […]