A happier, healthier You

A happier, healthier You

Meet the Yes Health Coaches

Yes Health knows that getting and staying healthy is easier (and a lot more fun) with a partner. Our coaches are experienced and trusted nutritionists, registered dietitians and fitness trainers who are passionate about stopping diabetes. They work one-on-one with our members to help them develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. We are proud to introduce you to some […]

Holiday Cooking with the Coaches

The last few weeks of the year can be the perfect time to create new, healthy traditions with your friends and family–especially in the kitchen. As a special treat, the coaches are sharing their favorite holiday recipes, including low-sugar sweets, delicious sides and savory, veggie-rich breakfasts to warm up you you and your guests on chilly winter mornings. Coach […]

Ask the Coaches: How Can I Eat Less Sugar This Holiday Season?

‘Tis the season of giving, and that includes sugary treats–and lots of them–especially in the office. Even if you’re committed to packing or going out for healthy lunches, the cookies, candy and leftover pie that beckon from the break room can challenge even the strongest of wills. (As if the holidays weren’t already tough enough!) So, knowing this is our reality, […]

More Ways to Give Thanks (It’s Good for Your Health!)

This time of year, we hear the word “gratitude” a lot. But what does it really mean to make feeling thankful a part of our daily lives, and why is it important to our health?  People who regularly give thanks for what they have (rather than focusing on the things they don’t) report a greater sense of satisfaction and a […]

Coach Picks: Top 5 Food Shows to Watch Now

It’s true that our coach team is usually trying to find ways to get you OFF the couch. But they also understand that everyone needs a little down time now and again. So what better way to R+R on these darker, colder days than cozying up with a good food show or documentary? Gather up your family […]

Ask the Coaches: What Are the Healthiest Plant Protein Sources?

Q. I’m vegan and prediabetic. What are the healthiest plant protein sources for me to eat? A.  Getting enough protein without loading up on too many carbs can be a challenge for anyone who eats a vegan diet–and this can be especially tricky for a prediabetic person. Higher-protein diets promote healthy brain function, muscle strength, faster […]

Get Fit on the Go: 6 Quick-and-Easy Workouts

Some days are busy. And others are like a blur. Even when you don’t have time for a spin class, long hike or trainer session, that doesn’t mean you need to throw in the exercise towel altogether. It’s a myth that you need to sweat it out at the gym for hours to get a good workout. (In fact, short, […]

Ask the Coaches: How can I stay in shape with an injury?

In a word, being injured–whether it’s a sprained ankle, sensitive low back or bum knee — sucks. Besides the pain and limited mobility, waiting to heal from an injury can feel isolating and frustrating, especially if it’s putting your health goals on hold.   The good news is, with your doctor’s permission and some modifications specific to your injury, you don’t have […]

10 Fun Food Tips From the Yes Health Coaches

Are you in a food rut? You’re not alone. Hard as we may try to keep meals fresh and exciting, sometimes it’s just easier to go with what we know. Because a varied diet is an important part of a healthy diet, the Yes Health coaches are sharing their top 10 tips to help all of us mix things […]