11 Ways to Get More Active

Sometimes it can feel intimidating to start exercising again after a long hiatus, or when we’ve put on some extra pounds. But we’re here to tell you it can be done–and done with fun, especially once you tell that critical voice inside your head (yep, you know the one) to kindly zip it. Here are … Continue reading 11 Ways to Get More Active

14 Healthy Ways to Handle Stress

No matter how good things may be going, life can still be stressful. So what’s the best way to deal with feeling frazzled? If you’re in need of a few healthy ideas, here are 14 supercharged stress relievers, courtesy of our coaches: Eat calming foods –  Up your intake of dark, leafy greens (which are … Continue reading 14 Healthy Ways to Handle Stress

Healthy Habit Heroes: Steven’s Story

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories in their own words about their experiences with Yes Health.  Want to join the “Triple H Club?” Reach out to your coach in our app or email: stories@yeshealth.com. Steven, 32, works in IT, which often means he sits A LOT during the day. Between his … Continue reading Healthy Habit Heroes: Steven’s Story

The Best Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

Whether you’re drawn to crack-of-dawn, lunchtime or après-work workouts, knowing the best foods to give your body before and after will make a big difference in your energy level, performance and recovery time. To help you make the healthiest choices, our coaches share their favorite fuel tips so you can stay motivated and meet your fitness goals. … Continue reading The Best Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

15 Healthy (and Fun!) Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about too-rich prix fixe dinners, boxed chocolates and heart-shaped candies. This year, we’re here to help mix things up and do a little holiday “health-ifying.” Whether you’re hitched or single or somewhere in between, there are lots of fun, healthy activities you can do alone or with the … Continue reading 15 Healthy (and Fun!) Valentine’s Day Ideas

Should You Go Gluten-Free?

You probably know someone who’s cut gluten from their diet. And maybe you’ve even dabbled with going gluten-free (or at least thought about it) yourself. The evils of gluten seem to be everywhere in the news, but if you don’t have Celiac disease (a serious autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the small intestine), is … Continue reading Should You Go Gluten-Free?

Diabetes and Dental Health: 12 Ways to Protect Your Smile

Did you know that there’s a very strong link between diabetes and gum disease? Diabetes affects many parts of the body, including the mouth and teeth. High blood sugar levels can create an environment in the mouth where bacteria and fungus can grow rampant and potentially affect the whole body if left untreated. It’s super important that everyone–and especially people with … Continue reading Diabetes and Dental Health: 12 Ways to Protect Your Smile

What’s Your Healthiest Weight?

Well hello, 2018. A lot of us have been waiting for you to come round. A brand new year is the perfect excuse for a healthy reset and to try different ways of doing everyday things. Maybe you’ve even picked a theme for this year or set a few specific goals, like learning more about nutrition and eating a … Continue reading What’s Your Healthiest Weight?

Holiday Cooking with the Coaches

The last few weeks of the year can be the perfect time to create new, healthy traditions with your friends and family–especially in the kitchen. As a special treat, the coaches are sharing their favorite holiday recipes, including low-sugar sweets, delicious sides and savory, veggie-rich breakfasts to warm up you you and your guests on chilly winter mornings. Coach … Continue reading Holiday Cooking with the Coaches

Coach Picks: The 7 Healthiest Protein Bars

Welcome to the holidaze! This time of year can feel especially hectic (an understatement), and on some days there just aren’t enough hours to feed yourself three square meals AND get to everything on your list. While the Yes Health coaches are big fans of eating whole foods and balanced meals, they also understand the need for grabbing … Continue reading Coach Picks: The 7 Healthiest Protein Bars