9 Reasons to Stretch Daily

There’s nothing like a good stretch to wake us up and give us more energy (and flexibility). The urge to stand up and reach our arms wayyy overhead when we’re feeling tired is almost automatic. The question is, why don’t we do the whole stretching thing more often? The coaches are here to help motivate … Continue reading 9 Reasons to Stretch Daily

10 Healthy Sweet-Tooth Savers

  Most of us (if we’re being honest) have some kind of sweet tooth. And (if we’re being even more honest) most of us have also made New Year’s resolutions to make healthier choices in 2020. This list of favorite healthy sweets from some of the Yes Health coaches means we can happily stay true … Continue reading 10 Healthy Sweet-Tooth Savers

Healthy Habit Heroes: Andy’s Story

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories in their own words about their experiences with Yes Health. Want to join the “Triple H Club?” Reach out to your coach in our app or email: stories@yeshealth.com. Andy was always an active guy, but when his weight topped 201 lbs., he got worried. He … Continue reading Healthy Habit Heroes: Andy’s Story

10 Tips for Making Your Holiday Meal Game Plan

Considering the time of year, we’ll bet you have a holiday dinner (or four) with friends and family coming up. The Yes Health coaches are here with their 10 best tips to help you fully enjoy yourself without feeling overly full or undoing your new, healthier habits.  “Don’t wait until the big meal to eat,” … Continue reading 10 Tips for Making Your Holiday Meal Game Plan

11 Healthy (& Delish) Holiday Dessert Recipes

No holiday meal–especially Thanksgiving– feels complete without dessert. Unfortunately, most traditional after-dinner sweets are packed with lots of sugar, fat and calories. That’s why we’re sharing 11 of our coach team’s deliciously healthy dessert faves to curb your cravings (and impress your friends and family). Enjoy! Coach Cassie Cinnamon Rolls – “I’m a huge cinnamon roll … Continue reading 11 Healthy (& Delish) Holiday Dessert Recipes

15 Ways to Cultivate Compassion (When You’re Not Losing as Much Weight as You’d Like)

Changing our behavior is hard work. And sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, it doesn’t lead to the results we want. Practicing self-compassion–accepting yourself “just as you are”–is an important addition to your weight-loss tool kit. Research even shows its significant role in helping us meeting our health goals (including shedding unwanted pounds).  Says Coach … Continue reading 15 Ways to Cultivate Compassion (When You’re Not Losing as Much Weight as You’d Like)

Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Some people need to eat first thing to be able to start their day. While to others, the idea of having a meal when they’re still half asleep is a total non-starter. Whether you’re a breakfast lover or lean more towards brunch, the benefits of making your first meal a balanced one has some serious … Continue reading Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

13 Ways to Feel Youthful at Any Age

Best Nutrition Coaching Apps

person using nutrition coach app for meal feedback

What if eating healthy was as easy as taking a photo? Well, with Yes Health’s digital nutrition coaching app, you can now connect with some of the best health coaches and get real-time feedback on your meals just by taking a photo. What is a digital nutrition coaching app? Digital nutrition coaching apps are apps … Continue reading Best Nutrition Coaching Apps

Best Health Coach App

health coach communicating to member through the best health coach app

What is a health coach app?   A health coach app is an application that you can download onto your phone that gives you access to a team of health coaches. This includes certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and well-being experts.    How to find a health coach   The majority of people will take to … Continue reading Best Health Coach App