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Healthy Habit Heroes: Andy’s Story

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories in their own words about their experiences with Yes Health. Want to join the “Triple H Club?” Reach out to your coach in our app or email: stories@yeshealth.com. Andy was always an active guy, but when his weight topped 201 lbs., he got worried. He … Continue reading Healthy Habit Heroes: Andy’s Story

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All About Bread

Bread is a staple in the American diet, so it’s no wonder we constantly obsess over it. It’s just sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, when it comes to making healthier choices. 

Is Diet or Exercise More Important for Weight Loss?

Which is more important for weight loss, diet or exercise? The Yes Health coaches get this question a lot. The short answer? Both. Being proactive about diet AND exercise is important for the best possible weight-loss results. Here are nine reasons why: