9 Coach-approved Balance and Stability Exercises

Healthy aging is a balancing act–quite literally. As we get older, our metabolism slows and our body gradually loses bone density and muscle mass. Falls can become more common, and are much more dangerous because of fragile bones, which can lead to breaks and slower healing times. (Be sure to get bone density tests as needed, and ask your doctor about dietary supplements, like calcium and vitamin D.)

Balance involves a complex interplay of muscle strength and joint flexibility, as well as inner ear function and good vision. “All of these things function less efficiently as we age, making regular ear and eye exams extra important,” says Coach Susan. “But the good news is there are lots of ways to maintain core strength and improve balance and agility, at any age.”Most forms of exercise–especially yoga, Tai Chi, barre and exercise balls–can help with balance by increasing endurance and muscle tone and strength. 

Here are 9 simple balance and stability exercises (with videos from Coach Chloe!) you can practice pretty much anywhere with minimal props:

Single leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL) – Watch the video

Bulgarian split squatWatch the video

A-position ball toss (front and side) – Watch the video

A-position stabilityWatch the video

Paws – Watch the video

Agility ladder – Watch video 1 & video 2

Bird dogsWatch the video

Plank single arm rowWatch the video

Physio ball rolloutsWatch the video


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